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What has lockdown taught me about me and my body?

It's taught me that the excuses I always used were just that, fabulously concocted excuses.

It's taught me that telling myself “If only I could be locked in with no temptation” does not actually help me lose weight.

It's taught me that restaurants, bars and takeaways being so available is not the reason I overeat.

It's taught me that it’s not social situations that have caused my weight gain.

It's taught me that I buy snacks under the pretence they’re for my children when really, they’re for me.

It's taught me that even when time is not an issue I still do not look after myself the way I wish to.

It's taught me that crash diets really do not work long term.

It's taught me that consistency is the ONLY way forward.

It's taught me that weight gain as a result of a child later in life has really had an impact on my body and that’s ok.

It's taught me that I don’t need to have my 18-year-old body again. That was then, this is now.

It's taught me that if only I was as fat as I thought I used to be I would be a very happy lady.

It's taught me to appreciate what I have right now and not what I’m going to have one day.

It's taught me to live in the present.

It's taught me that food is my coping mechanism when s**t happens in life.

it's taught me that I’ve started to believe that excess food makes me feel better.

It's taught me that food does never ever actually “make” me feel better.

It's taught me that I need focus and accountability most of the time whether in lockdown or not.

It's taught me, it’s ok to have a little of everything, in moderation.

It's taught me that my world does not explode, I don’t put on a stone or go up a dress size after 1 biscuit or a glass of wine.

It's taught me to forgive myself when I lapse and to move forward.

It's taught me to love my body for what it has gone through and what it can achieve.

It's taught me respect for my body, my health and my strength.

It's taught me that when life is mentally and emotionally tough, exercise and healthy living, despite being the last thing I want to do is the best thing I can do.

It's taught me that its ok to ask for help and support.

It's taught me a different way to live, cooking from fresh, having treats when I want them not when I think I need them but still being accountable for them.

It's taught me I still have a lot of life to live and I want to live that life feeling on top of my game, feeling confident, healthy and strong.

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Thanks to Natalie Fernando our Essex Regional Director for this article.